We can write a lot about our self, what we have achieved so far, what we love, the path we chose in life to be where we are now.  I’m not sure speaking about our ego will serve anything anywhere because after all we are all the same. Born on earth with fears and desires, we explore life to understand them, us. We learn and move forward, we are, I am, seeking love and happiness, emotions, and i will do what i have to, to feel those vibrations  rising

into my chest simply to feel Alive. Photography is an inductors, it s also my way to share what Nature and the beauty of Life let me lessing to along this quest. I give my best to perceive a bit of this magic from Life and sharing it with you, with the hope to touch you sensitivity, opening respect for The ESSENCE OF EARTH, THE MELODY OF NATURE.

Pierre GAY Portrait

“A photographer is literally somebody drawing with light, a man writing and rewriting the world with light and shadows.”

Sebastiao SALGADO

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I let you navigating trough my portfolio to discover my photography and videography universe. Thanks for your interest.



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    If you fell like reading a bit, here you'll find a bit of writing about thing I care. Point of view ,Visions or photography technics, please look trough.

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      It’s early morning, the wind has not yet stirred. At dusk the night before, we had quietly set up our canvas tent, and, a little before sunrise, folded back the opening. It is officially prohibited to sleep in the vicinity of the lake, but each day we...

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    Merci d'être ici, j'espère que vous apprécierez les images, elle sont ici pour vous. Vous pouvez les partager, les télécharger si vous le souhaitez. Je vous demande simplement de respecter le copyright. Le respecter c'est respecter mon travail, ma passion...